• Singing Competitions
  • Extreme Sports Freestyles
  • Science Fairs
  • Trivia
  • Cooking Competitions
  • Bridal Party Games (Trivia)
  • Trade Shows
  • Diving
  • Dog Shows
  • Fashion Shows
  • Body Building Competitions
  • Skateboard Freestyle Runs


Judging, Scoring, and Award Assignment for events available from any computer and/or smartphone. Voting codes auto-generated to allow audiance votes. Score cards can display clickable links to social media, so contestants can be evaluated In-Person, via Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, and/or Vine.

Socially Connected

Host can share event Details, and Results through social media, and to our news Feed! Like and Share to Facebook buttons for Awards, and Results. Create a paid event through EventBrite, then link to us to transform selected ticket holders contestants.

Auto Generated Flyers

Entering the contest information, and account information generates a Flyer (to promote) for your event, and an Awards Flyer (to honor your Top Prize Earners). Both can be Printed, shared via Facebook, and to our news Feed.


We believe that competition is a beneficial part of life, we encourage everyone to participate. ContestSYNC allows anyone to create a competition (Host), and/or request to compete (Contestant)! Because the host pick the parameters of each contest (judging criteria, prizes, etc.), the type of event is up to the host..

Uses for ContestSYNC

Talent shows
Pet Shows
Extreme Sports
Presentation Evaluations
Scholarship Competitions
Hair Shows
Stand Battles
Science fairs
Food Truck
Body building
MMA fighting
Car shows
Team Events
Team Cutoffs
Paint Nights
Game Nights
Treasure Hunts
Evaluations (work, class)
Debates (Oratory Contest)
Tryouts (Dance, Gymnastics, Drill teams, etc.)
State Fair (live stock, flowers, pies)
Summer Camp/Training camps (Feed back available to campers, and/or parents)
Trivia / Question & Answer
Pub Trivia
Baby Shower Games
Bridal Showers Games
Church Outreach
Social Network Competitions

Quick Guide for Usage

  1. The HOST creates/designs a contest
    2. Provide Event Specifics
    3. List Awards ,Titles and Prizes
    4. Assign Evaluators: Judges judges and/or allowing audience voiting[People's Choice])
    5. Evaluation Criteria
    6. Share the ContestSYNC Flyer
  2. Contestants becomes ContestSYNC members
    1. Create a login to contestSYNC
    2. Create a Persona, and Add a Photo
  3. The Contestant Find a competition
    1. Browse the competitions listed on our site
      1. Select and apply to a competition
      2. Wait for the host to approve you to compete
    2. Follow a contest link for a private event
  4. Everyone attends the competition (Live of Web presence)
  5. Attend Competition
  6. Compete!
    1. Judges will evaluate each contestant by criteria determined by the host
    2. Comments and scores from judges are compiled
    3. Host receives an electronic Tally Sheet: total scores are displayed to the host and judges
    4. Host receives and electronic Awards Sheet: Assign awards using the Tally sheet, and comments as a guide
    5. Host congratulates winners -- Congrats Flyer
      1. Printable
      2. Shareable
  7. Congratulations Contestants! You did it!
    1. Congratulate Winners Screens
      1. Printable
      2. Shareable
    2. Receive Access to your Scores event Congrats Screen
  8. Contestants can use their score card to learn from their feedback
  9. Have the Courage to COMPETE again

Contestants Quick Guide

Participating in a Competition and recieving feedback is simple through contestSYNC. 1. Find a contest (Flyer, Internal ContestSYNC listings, or Private link). 2. Review the event details page, and apply. 3. Get Judged (Judges will use a scorecard to record your evaluation). 4. Check the event results (Awards will show prize earner only). 5. Review your Report Card to see personalized feedback from the judges.